You may have already noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet lately … and now I’ve decided to properly take a blogging break to get all the other stuff done… photo shoots for lots of gorgeous new products, pop-up shops, site changes … enough to keep me busy for a few weeks. Bear with me – it will be worth the wait!

Tijd voor een blogpauze terwijl ik alle andere zaken op orde krijgen – dus tot over een paar weken. Tot dan: fijne Pasen en zonnige lentedagen gewenst!

Image: spring buds from Gertrude Humperdink (!?) on Pinterest!

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One Response to ***BREAK IN TRANSMISSION***

  1. mutheu says:

    wishing you the best as you work on all that needs to get done. and a break is often a wonderful thing when timed right! so enjoy. looking forward to your return! m in kenya

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