Cape Town she is beautiful

Well friends so much for my plans to live-blog all my studio visits last week. Sadly sick baby + sick me + lots of meetings = no blogging. Instead I’ll be doing studio profiles of everyone I visited in the coming weeks.

But gosh Cape Town is beautiful. When you get stuck in traffic it looks like this:

And this was the view from my room:

As the Capetonians say: it’s the mountain, man.

Maybe it’s the mountain, maybe not, but Cape Town is full of creative people and initiatives. We had a ball visiting Missibaba, Skinny la Minx, SHINE SHINE, FabricNation, Skermunkil, Heartworks, Liesel Trautman, amongst others, and will be telling all about it in the next few posts. For now, relax and enjoy the view:

p.s. Georgina’s tribute to Umoja won best dressed of the year on!

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